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Lolita A. Alford | Jan 24, 2014
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When I was younger, the coolest thing in basketball footwear was the Reebok Pump shoe (remember, you could manually press the basketball on the tongue and “pump it up?”). I remember that shoe being marketed as the key to success on the court because it [obviously] would make you run faster and jump higher, but that was, and still is, a lofty aspiration for leather and rubber.

But, the concept of a shoe actually making you run faster or jump higher could be a reality…

The Nike+ Hyperdunk basketball shoe and app could be that shoe that gives a player a competitive edge.

Nike+ Hyperdunk shoe collects, stores, and shares stats on a player’s performance through the Nike+ sensors embedded in their shoes. The sensors transmit the data directly to an app, which provides data analysis and training information.

Features of the Nike+ Hyperdunk App include:

  • Track My Game - View performance stats after a game – stats such as vertical, jump count, agility, and NikeFuel earned. The data can be saved for performance comparison and players can use social media to share progress with your friends.
  • Showcase Mode - The app can create 30 second videos with player stats that can be shared directly on Facebook.
  • Arcade-style Rankings - The rankings create a sense of ramification and allow players to compare their results with friends…for a little friendly competition.
  • LiveMode - This function measures the amount of pressure being applied to the Nike+ Pressure Sensors in each shoe providing a “foot analysis.”

And of course, Nike is not the only company utilizing technology to improve athlete’s performance. 94Fifty uses sensors and data for player analysis, but instead of putting the sensor in sneakers, the sensors are in a basketball. Just like Nike+, this product sync ups to an app and monitors dribble force/speed, shot speed, shot backspin, and shot arc – all stats focused on improving hand eye coordination and accuracy.

These products solidify the continued interest in individual biofeedback and tracking player performance for both the professional athlete and the weekend warrior.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into the new age of sports and…just do it!

Jen Cohen Crompton |Dec 23, 2013
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