Burberry Satisfies Consumers’ “I want it now “Complex with Fast Delivery
Lolita A. Alford | Mar 31, 2015
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Burberry, the brand that keeps on winning digitally, has taken its ecommerce strategy to new heights. Want the latest collection before it even hits the runway? You got it!

The British apparel brand is allowing consumers to purchase pieces from its fall menswear collection immediately after the runway show.

Consumers were able to “Shop the Runway” following the brand’s London Fashion Week show Jan. 8, and the collection will be available through Jan. 22. By shortening the time between collection presentation and commerce, Burberry is able to give consumers a unique experience of owning an item long before it hits store shelves.

Burberry live-streamed its menswear show on its Facebook page. At the top of the feed, the brand included a link inviting fans to “Shop the runway after the show.”

Because production will not have occurred yet, Burberry is making each item on an individual basis, allowing consumers a greater degree of personalization. The brand informs consumers that this service is available below each product.

This approach is similar to what Moda Operandi does for a number of fashion brands, shortening the length of time between presentation and commerce. Some items that a designer creates for a runway show never get produced, so this gives fans of Burberry the opportunity to own a runway item if they desire.

In 2012, the tech frenzy started during fashion week, where consumers were able to buy looks as soon as they hit the runway. We applaud Burberry for creating a concept that allows consumers to buy pieces before they hit the runway. However, in the long run, will concepts such as these kill the anticipation of fashion week or the latest collections?

Sarah Jones |Jan 9, 2014
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