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Rita Zylberman
Editor, Fashion Currency

About this community:

Fashion Currency community delivers information, inspiration and a forum for anyone who is the business of fashion – from garment manufacturers to distributors and designers. Our aim is to create this as a place to share, explore and exchange ideas on the challenges and solutions in an ever changing and growing fashion industry.

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About the editor:

My love of fashion runs deep and spans a 35+ year career.

I don’t design.

I don’t decide what will sell.

I don’t even have an opinion about whether the new black is orange or purple or polka dots.

But I have the best job in the fashion world because I get to take an idea and transform it into a real garment that people can wear and love. I am the engineer who takes the flat rendering and transforms it into a 3 dimensional product that reflects the design of the designer. My job requires a depth of talent in how fashion works along with skills and expertise to know how it all comes together so today’s “hot” fashion isn’t sitting on a dock somewhere getting “not so hot” very fast.

It is a career that started by “accident” when I wanted to make my daughter’s clothing. So I went to FIT where it came as a real surprise to me that fabric so naturally talked to my fingers during draping.

I was delighted to learn that my eyes and pencil could easily visualize and execute the paper pattern needed to make the clothes in my head.

Partnering with a designer, we started with a small childrenswear company that gave me a deep, real world education of what it takes to be successful in this industry.

Since then, I have worked for over 3 decades in the garment center; in the technically demanding Bridal and eveningwear clothing segment to, childrenswear , sportswear and active wear.

Currently, I am the Production and Technical Design Director at a sportswear company producing over $100,000,0000 annually domestically and overseas. My job requires that I stay on the leading edge of new technology innovation and trends that impact every facet of this business like production, inventory management, work management and purchasing.

Its true no one will know my name like they might know Isaac Mizrahi but in my industry, I am the “go-to” person behind the scenes that takes the sketch and produces the garments that fit and flow beautifully.

It’s work that inspires me every day and I am blessed to be a part of this industry called the business of fashion.